What is Emphico?

Emphico studio is empowering health, inspiration and confidence within the community. Offering enthusiastic fun programs designed to support and uplift each other. Influencing personal growth through movement and healthy lifestyle.

Emphico = Emp - Empowering

  H - Health

    I - Inspiration

Co - Confidence within community

We all are Emphico and can't wait to build something awesome and special with you. Looking forward to see you at 1022 5th Avenue, Coraopolis.

What Emphico offers?

We are learning together, growing and getting healthier. Through fun Fitness classes such as POUND®, Zumba®, Kettlebell AMPD, Hip Hop Dance Fitness, Yoga, Power Circuit. Some of those formats are quite new, some of them are created by our instructors and you have the opportunity to try them at Emphico in person in the studio or virtually. We are building a special and unique place and planning to continuosly adding more fitness formats in the schedule.

We are also learning more about healthy lifestyles. Through health related workshops and events we have the opportunity to find new ways and options of incorporating more natural products into our lives. Martina loves essential oils and all of the products you can make from them, so we are learning how to do that and what to use them for.

Are you lost in the different available food supplements, after workout drinks and shakes? Let's learn together and find the option that works best for our bodies.

Is personal growth important to you? Emphico is about growing not only on fitness level with our bodies, but also with our minds and inner selves. You can look forward to some themed workshops such as importance of self care, listening to your body, feelings, purpose and goals.

Because we also like nice things we have a small retail section with our own Emphico made products as well as some other products from small businesses. We love to support other small businesses.

And the most importantly we are building community. We are connecting and making friendships not only at the group fitness classes and workshops, but also out of the studio at fun social events. Some of them are ladies only, some of them includes families, friends and our children. Let's make new relationships, friends, besties who hold you accountable and don't let you quit your growth journey.

All of this is happening at our studio Emphico in Coraopolis. We have a full schedule of classes that you can do in person or virtually if you prefer. Workshops and events are also offered in person and virtually where possible.

Would you like to learn more about our Community and past events

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Are you ready for the ride? We are going to change our lives.

Fun group fitness classes

Health related workshops and events, small retail

What is happening at Emphico?